Smart Infrastructure Solutions

blauLabs brings efficiency and innovation to Roads, Rails, Telecom, Electricity Grids, etc.

The successful integration of automation and control systems, smart devices and data analytics across physical infrastructure can offer exciting opportunities for businesses, communities and governments. Next-generation Smart Infrastructure offers new prospects for effectively managing the myriad of power (Smart Grid), water and telecom networks that impact people each day. The systems gather real-time data and use the information to improve efficiency, report on and dynamically fix problems, and adapt to meet requirements. Smart infrastructure provides the evidence for informed decision-making and responds intelligently to changes in its environment, including users demands and other infrastructure, to achieve and improved performance. Smart infrastructure is recognised as a major development that will modernise the transport, resource, mining, electricity, gas and water sectors over the coming decades.
blauLabs platform is designed to help utilities and cities to improve operational and energy efficiencies, provide a superior customer experience, enhance services and reduce costs. It can be used to reliably, efficiently and safely manage power, water, etc. across utility, commercial, industrial and residential markets. With blauLabs Suite and our optional modules you will be able to build different smart infrastructure solutions, capable to modernize and connect tomorrow’s critical infrastructure networks. Some of the solutions are:
parabolic8Smart Telecom Networks
 Enable telecom company to go beyond simply monitoring network and IT infrastructure processes, deliver a clear, 360-degree view of how incidents affect the health of critical operations that must seamlessly flow together. This will help organizations to improve operational efficiency and service quality through unprecedented real-time insight into core telecom operational processes. Based on blauLabs Suite.
train17Smart Transportation
Smart transportation solutions mean advanced traffic management for air, land and sea. It is optimized around the traveler, is connected across all elements of the system, and communicates its status in real time; provides information on travel time, origin destination, vehicle volumes, and traffic movements. It can be applied to adaptive signal control, V2V/V2I projects, and engineering and construction projects that rely on traffic data collection. Based on blauLabs Suite.
power47Smart Grid Management
Manage, control, visualize, optimize, summarize and automate your power distribution networks.  Build a solution that proactively reduces peak demand, optimizes network assets, while assisting distribution networks deliver electricity more efficiently, reliably, securely and economically. Based on blauLabs Suite and Energy Billing (optional module).
water22Smart Water
Smart water solutions covering key elements of plants and distribution systems will provide the capability to more efficiently manage system infrastructure and extend resources. The deployment of real-time meters will make it easier for utilities and their residential customers to monitor usage, while business users will receive more actionable information to control their water usage, reduce costs, detect leaks and identify non-water revenue. Based on blauLabs Suite.

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