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Building the City of the Future:  Smart and Sustainable with blauLabs

Cities and municipalities across the world are increasingly looking at digital innovation as a means to achieve economic growth and sustainable development. The Smart City concept, a combination of the Internet of Things and Big Data, promises more efficient management of city services, innovative energy, water and transport services, and a deeper engagement with citizens. All this for the purpose of improving city efficiency, equity, sustainability and quality of life.
Smart cities are not just about smart systems and technologies, it is also about new data platforms, service infrastructures, business models, partnerships and engagement models. Cities can only be really ‘smart’ if they have in place the necessary intelligent, robust and reliable functions to integrate and synthesise these big data and filter out any irrelevant data. Here you have some examples of solutions for Smart Cities that easily can be build with blauLabs Suite and optional modules:
energy_monitoringEnergy Monitoring
Understanding energy usage is the key to efficiency and cost reduction. Energy Monitoring solution offers the possibility to have detailed information about the consumption and energy costs of different areas of your installation. Based on blauLabs Suite.
smart_trafficSmart Traffic
Traffic management is a problem that most cities and municipalities face. All of them now are looking to ease traffic congestion, improve traffic flow, and reduce greenhouse emissions and air pollution on the city’s most crowded streets. For this type of solutions you will need  historical traffic data and real-time traffic inputs from your city transport system. Based on blauLabs Suite.
smart_parkingSmart Parking
Help users to make  intelligent decisions using data,  real–time status applications and historical analytics reports. Solutions for Smart Parking allow drivers to see a real-time map of parking availability and be directed to an empty space, also provide visibility into parking analytics, including usage and vacancy periods, which helps cities with long-term planning. Based on blauLabs Suite.
water_monitoringWater Monitoring
Measuring, monitoring, metering and control of water resources can be done at lower cost and with greater precision.  Solutions built on blauLabs platform could measure water consumption in real time, as well as abstraction for irrigation, and could automatically communicate this information for monitoring and billing purposes. Based on blauLabs Suite + Energy Billing (optional).
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