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IntesisBox Gateway

IntesisBox gateways for Smart Buildings enable remote monitoring and control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, lighting, metering and any type of building equipment.

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Ewon Flexy

The eWON Flexy 205 is an advanced bidirectional internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for energy mamnagement, predictive maintenance and analytics. With data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, JAVA scripting and enhanced internet connectivity, the Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway for your IoT deployment. It also supports VPN Remote Access for easy troubleshooting of your distant industrial equipment, as well as industrial protocols and MQTT, HTTPs, OPCUA support.

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Circutor EDS

EDS is an energy manager equipped with PowerStudio Embedded and a built-in web and XML server, which enables the user to query any electrical variable by connecting the metering equipment to its RS-485 bus. Thanks to the RS-485 expansion bus, the user can view any variable from the units connected to the bus and can even display information in real time, in table or graphic format (data logger)

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Datalogger SenNet DL170

The models DL170, DL171 and DL172 are GPRS / 3G dataloggers.. The model DL170 has all the power of the SenNet dataloggers, furthermore, for data capture, it includes a radio frequency module (868 MHz), ethernet, RS232 and RS485 ports. Moreover, the datalogger has an optional USB port. It also has digital inputs and outputs for remote control or pulse counting.

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SenNet meter

SenNet Meter is an ideal device for electricity submetering, with an accuracy of at least 1%. It has the following characteristics: available for three-phase loads or for 3 single-phase loads, available both for 5A current transformers and for 0.33V ones, includes display and keypad, through the port RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol allows for reading the captured data: voltage, current, power, energy, power factor, frequency, harmonics—up to the 15th—, etc. and DIN-rail mounting.

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Datalogger SenNet DL150

Equipped with a variable-speed processor (600 MHz to 1 GHz) and a 512 MB RAM memory, the SenNet DL150 is a powerful datalogger that can read up to 100 external devices.

One of the strengths of the SenNet dataloggers is the variety of connections available. The DL150 can read the devices connected through Ethernet and RS485; furthermore, there is an option to install a WiFi router through the USB. The optional radio module (868 MHz with range up to 1 km, optional Z-Wave) can be also used to read devices.

There is a wide variety of protocols supported by the internal software of the data logger (web server), among others: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Mbus, KNX, Z-Wave (optional), IEC 870-5-102, DLMS / COSEM, IEC 62056-21, IEC 6107… Furthermore, it supports proprietary protocols developed by other manufacturers.

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